Along with the skills to USE an operating system, a need exists to aquire skills to FIX an operating system when it goes bad.


John Ballard


    Wanted to buy: Intelligence to Fix windows

    John Ballard  November 22 2009 04:15:30 PM
    How does the average person fix his or he computer after it goes south?  Do you know how easy it is for any person to download a seemingly innocent piece of software only to find that it has taken over the system causing either incredibly slow performance, or worse case, no performance at all - unusable.  

    In my life I am called frequently to fix someone's home PC because they CANNOT do it themselves.  When I do fix their computer, it's clearly been a case where they could not know how to do it themselves!  Perhaps it a little thing like clearing the DNS cache after a router change, or recognizing that the Notebook computer is connecting to the wrong access point, either way how should the average computer user know to issue the does command >ipconfig /flushdns?  Even with help from google, it still takes some skill in tracing an issue to it's source.

    Windows has such flexibility that users can inadvertently change the system so it's unusable.  Linux system appear to be better, and with Live CD's you can be assured that the system can actually boot.  I think Live CD configurations should be extended so that every system can be booted correctly ( with support for attached hardware )  and that all the downloaded software ( toolbars, games, applications ) cannot harm the base of the operating system.  Would you expect to stop your car along the highway because it needed to reboot?  You don't expect to restart your tv because you changed the channel to the wrong station...